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Blog Tour: Seducing Destiny by Amelia Hutchins

Less than six months ago my life was twisted and flipped on its side. Things have changed so much I barely recognize myself anymore.
I am no longer an Enforcer.
I am no longer a Witch.
I no longer hate the Fae. (For the most part)
And the sex-on-a-stick-gorgeous-Fae? He isn't really the Dark Prince.
No, he is the father of my children and with the babies on the way, the land dying and the Mages closing in; alliances will have to be formed if we are all to make it through the war that is coming to our front door.
Between warring Gods and Goddesses, how are any of us supposed to win?

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“Synthia, you’re immortal now and time is something you have in abundance. Ristan also suggested we get you some books on mothering, and birthing as well. He also said to give you this,” Darynda whispered wickedly as she glamoured a doll. “A doll?” I asked confusion stamped on my face. She handed me the small newborn doll which immediately started shrieking with an ear piercing cry the moment I held it. “How the hell do you shut it off?” I shouted over the wailing thing that I held up by its leg. “Try cuddling with it, Flower,” Ristan said from the door before I turned a horrified look up at him. “You ass,” I growled as I tried to comfort the doll and failed. I had zero knowledge of how to calm a screaming baby; it wasn’t as if we had child raising classes at the Guild. “Here, like this,” he said as he sifted to the bed and took hold of the doll. “Gentleness is universal. Even Fae babes love a cuddle to feel secure, smart little things also like breasts.” I lifted a brow as he swaddled the doll in a blanket he glamoured, and rocked the life like doll in his arms. It instantly stopped crying and made gentle mewling sounds. I groaned. “I’m going to be the worst mother, possibly ever known to Fae and mankind alike.”

Ahhhhh… Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better with this series… HOLY. FREAKING.COW. 

I was so convinced going into this book that Syn was never going to get a somewhat HEA because of Ryder’s upbringing in the Fae land. So much has happened for these two characters that I was left wondering at the end of Escaping Destiny whether or not their relationship or whatever you could call it would continue to stand the test of time with the latest twist their relationship.

There was a point in this book that I almost just stopped and put it down. Those of you who’ve read this book know the exact moment I am talking about. There comes a point in any reviewers journey that when an emotionally charged book or series just becomes too much of a strain on your heart and head. Yet, as I paused at the conclusion of that particular chapter I knew I had to find out how the series would continue and you have no idea how excited I was to find out that I was so wrong in my thinking. Things changed of course in this book in a way that has never happened before for the Fae Chronicles series.  Just a few simply sentences reduced me to tears and gutted me all the while the same thing in the very next chapter brought me back to life and gave me hope for my favorite characters. It’s in those moments of darkness that characters seem to break emotionally and physically that you are given a glimpse as to their true nature.

There are so many things about this book and series that I could write down in this review, but truth be told I am emotionally exhausted from this series. Ryder and Synthia have given me the ride along of a life time with their story. As characters, I have never known anyone like them. They’ve stood proud and tall at the gates of Hell while they proclaim their right to live and fight for their world for themselves and their people. While this may be the end of their story, I know that Hutchin’s isn’t finished with this series just yet. The future books are rumored to focus on other characters of the series and I for one hope that we get to see more into the life of my favorite little Demon, Ristan. 

About Amelia:

amelia hutchins

Author of Fighting Destiny a fast paced Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance with hot alpha males, and a sassy heroines. I have three kids, and married my best friend, who is also the most amazing man ever. I live in Washington State with way too many trees, and love it. I have been writing as long as I can remember, and I am also the page owner of Erotica Book Club.

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