Saturday, November 1, 2014

Review: Edge: Episode 1 Season 1 by Jamie Magee

Publication Date: 8/19/2014
Edge, Serial Book 1

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Official Blurb:

Episode One 
Reveca Beauregard had long ago been dubbed the Queen of Darkness by the dead. To the living she was known as the Pentacle Daughter, the only acknowledged female member of the Pentacle Sons MC, the most lethal biker correlation known to exist. She was rumored to be a witch. That rumor, of course, was true. 

New Orleans was her home, at the Beauregard Boneyard, the safe haven the Club resided within. Only those in the inner circle were as Reveca was—immortal. To be as such you had to choose the life, and the life had to choose you. For either to occur, death came first. 

Those deaths came from wars the Sons fought with both the mortal and immortal worlds, as they bent the decrees of the modern lawmen and the paranormal world at large who had no hope of opposing the dark splendor of their vengeance. 

Presently, the mysterious murder of a mortal coupled with the cold-blooded slaying of Reveca’s close friend has led the lawmen to place their corrupt accusations upon the Sons. A forced barter with a Lord of Death has landed the Club with a soul that is set to rock the foundation the Sons as a whole stand upon. 

Holy Hell, what does this book not have?!!? Warning… for the first time ever in the history of SNSB I have the need to use the f word. This book is fucking brilliant. Magee has managed to take series beloved genres of stories and wrap them into one tightly, well written bundle. As soon as I received this book announcement in my FB inbox, I KNEW I had to read it. Magee’s sexy supernatural motorcycle club is literally badass. Add in the fact that New Orleans, one of my favorite places to visit, is the setting and you’ve got the makings for one hell of a book.

Reveca is the lone female and leader of the MC. She of course is no ordinary human just like a select few of her club, she’s a card carrying witch and the Queen of the Edge. She’s immortal. Magee’s idea of immortality is brilliant. In order to be immortal, you must choose the life as well as the life claiming you in return. In order to have either of these, death must come, even when it comes at a price. Rev’s life as an immortal is a prison as she lost her true soul mate many lifetimes ago. She has a sexual relationship with fellow member and immortal Talon, but even he feels her pulling away from him as time continues on.

Episode 1 focuses on the gruesome murder of Reveca’s friend and fellow witch, GranDee. They’ve been set up by infiltrating lawmen before but this time they’ve gone too far with her murder. Reveca is forced by her sister Saige to barter with the Lord of Death for a soul someone they called the “King”. But, this particular soul may be more than she’s ever bargained for as she believes this soul is that of her true soul mate. She cannot let anyone within her club know who he may be even though Talon has begun to since an immediate change in her at the very tale end of the book. I cannot wait for the continuation of this series because I’m literally on the Edge of my seat wondering if Reveca’s world is about to flip upside down with the return of the King. 

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