Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Review: Braving The Darkness by Melynda Price

Publication Date: 10/9/2014
Series: Redemption #4
Rating: 4 Stars

Official Blurb:

All have sacrificed, but one will sacrifice all…

Just when Olivia thought she’d finally have everything she always wanted, she was never closer to losing it all. Haden rocked Olivia’s foundation when he professed his love for her, and then turned himself in to the High Court. Although it was for the best, watching him walk out of her life was one of the hardest things she’d ever done.

Liam has always been the angel that holds her heart. But nothing will test the bonds of that love more than when a sick twist of fate brings all their lives crashing back together again.
Bitter enemies in love with the same woman, Liam and Haden must put their differences aside to battle an evil whose reach is far greater than either of them ever imagined. It will take all their strength to protect Olivia from an enemy that’s come to claim her and usher in a power-play to overthrow the High Court.

Love, sacrifice, and betrayal… It all comes to a heart-stopping conclusion in Braving the Darkness.

Braving The Darkness is a marvelous end to a very amazing series. Olivia is faced with two men that love her eternally. Haden sacrificed himself to the High Court. Having not known about his feelings until he was walking away to be imprisoned, she’d never know such heartbreak. Liam has also held a very special place in her heart. When fate brings three of them together for one final battle against evil, you can only imagine how high emotions will run. Two enemies in love with the same girl both are trying to keep her safe in the midst of battle. Dark and Twisted evil has come to claim Olivia and bring down the High Court with that claim. Can two mortal enemies truly band together to save the woman that they love or will they all fall down the dark rabbit hole of evil together?

I will admit. I was truly surprised at the ending. It wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned for the final book of this series. Though while it’s not a bad ending per say, it as I said just wasn’t the expected outcome. This Series is the kind of book you cannot bring yourself to put down. Forget the household chores or feeding your starving husband. You can definitely place this series in the have to binge read it all category, its dark, twisted, and unrelenting. I am truly sad to see this series end, but Price has left the door open to revisit these marvelous characters in future novellas or even a possible standalone novel. Had I not been giving the chance to read this series via Netgalley, I would have never been able to ride the emotional rollercoaster that is Braving the Darkness. 

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