Friday, October 31, 2014

Review: Tied To You by Bibi Paterson

Publication Date: October 31st, 2014
Series and Book Number: 1
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb:

Olivia Walker has just hit rock bottom. About to lose her job and become homeless, she can’t see a way out of the mess her life has become until Alex Davenport enters her life with a proposal she is in no position to refuse.

Wealthy and arrogant, Alex is used to getting whatever he wants and he has set his eyes on Olivia. For months he has watched her, waiting for the perfect opportunity to present itself to make her his, and finally it has appeared. But Alex is hiding a secret, one that he is determined to protect until, one day, Olivia makes a discovery that sets her on a course of self-discovery. Together they explore Olivia’s submissive side, pushing boundaries and taking her on the wildest ride of her life.

But when Olivia’s past threatens to expose Alex’s secret lifestyle, the time for truths and full disclosure is at hand. Can Alex let go of the fears that have bound his true nature? And can a couple that fell in lust find their own happily ever after?

Warning: This book is intended for mature audiences as it contains explicit sex scenes and BDSM themes

I really loved this book. When we first meet Alex he is so cocky and confident that Olivia will fall at his feet right away. But Alex also knows that Olivia is very different than the lifestyle he is use too. Olivia is struggling to make ends meet while trying to take care of her mother who doesn’t even remember who she is. I really liked Olivia from the get go. She is such a sweet and loving person even though she doesn’t know anything about Alex when he propositions her she agrees to marry him just after one encounter. She knows she has to do everything she can to help her mother since her father left when she was a young girl. She Alex sets all the arrangements and just after two weeks Alex and Olivia fly to his home to get married. Olivia falls in love with Alex’s family right away. They are all very loving and accept her right into the family. It’s at the wedding when Alex kisses Olivia she knows she is in trouble with her heart. The arrangement is for Alex and Olivia are only suppose too be married a year and his family will be off his back and Alex with pay all of her debts. Over the next week Alex and Olivia form a friendship on their honeymoon. But once they are back from the honeymoon Alex changes completely. When Olivia goes into the basement one day she realizes that Alex is a Dom and the lifestyle he has been hiding from his family. From that day on Alex and Olivia form a different type of relationship. It was pretty amazing seeing their relationship develop into love. I fell in love with both Alex and Olivia even more. When things start to fall apart, Alex steps up and does everything he can to protect Olivia. I loved watching the changes in Alex after he fully lets Olivia into his heart to help him realize his true feelings about his past. I look forward to more from this author. I would love to see more from Alex and Olivia!!  


  1. this sounds very good. Great cover too.

  2. This looks like a very good book that I would like to read! The cover is beautiful as well.