Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review: Red-Blooded by Amanda Carlson

Publication Date:  9/9/2014
Series: Jessica McClain #4
Rating: 5 STARS!!!

Official Blurb:

After Jessica's brother is kidnapped and taken to the Underworld, she will stop at nothing to get him back. But before her grueling training is finished, Jessica's power mixes unexpectedly with the circle and she's dropped into the Underworld without protection or her escorts.

Jessica McClain is the world's only female werewolf and she's going straight to hell... literally. I am VERY new to series amazing series. I knew after reading the blurb for Red Blooded that I needed read this series from the very beginning. Jess' story has been one hell of a ride. She's the only girl born to a werewolf in centuries. Add in the fact, she finally makes her transition into a very feared and prophesied about female Lycan and you've got the makings for an thrilling supernatural book series.

One thing that sets this series apart is not only the uniqueness of a prophesied female werewolf policing the supernatural world, but the expansion of the idea of the supernatural races themselves. This world isn't limited to just werewolves, but witches, demons, ghosts, ghouls, necromancers, etc. So many PNR/UF books focus on just a singular supernatural race, but Carlson has managed to build an amazingly complex, supernatural world. Each book dives deeper and deeper into Jess' world. You she her grow not only as a supe, but also as a woman trying to save the world and herself from fate. If you've just finished a long standing series, or are on the hunt for something new between books, this series is a must read. It honestly has it all, and I'm damn glad it does.

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