Thursday, October 9, 2014

Review: Besieged by LP Lovell

Publication Date: 2/14/2014
Series: She Who Dares #1
Rating: 5 stars

Official Blurb:

What would you do if you were granted millions of pounds and a face that melts the underwear off of any woman? Meet Theodore Ellis, the business man who parties like a rock star, and has more women than he has room on his bed post to put the notches. 

Meet Lilly Parker. With a difficult past; Lilly is cold, closed off and emotionally unavailable in every way. Don't go thinking she's the sweet and innocent victim though, she plays the game better than most men, and is the original use and abuse woman. 
She's built her walls ten feet high and topped with razor wire, but Theo is relentless in the face of a challenge and Lilly finds herself besieged by him. Can he get in her pants? Or will the unsuspecting man whore go a step further and finally tear down her walls? Unlikely. 

This is no hearts and flowers love story, it is a battle of wills as a woman who trusts no-one denies a man who has never been denied. 

Cue fireworks as female sass meets alpha male tenacity. 

Besieged will make you laugh, fantasize and perhaps even shed a tear.

Have you ever wondered what would happen when a dominating alpha male falls for female dominating sex kitten? Well if you have, I can assure you that this series is for you. Besieged introduces us to the world of Lilly Parker and Theodore Ellis. Lilly’s dark past has changed her very being. She has resolved to do as she wishes with who she wishes. That is until rich play boy Theodore Ellis enters her life. A dominating figure himself, Theo has a hard time coming to grips that Lilly fights her attraction towards him with stinging barbs. This woman is far from innocent and he’s captivated by her beauty and strength. He’s determined to have her and he’ll step outside his usual pick up techniques to land the woman that forever change him. Little does Theo know Lilly’s strength is just a cover for the horrific tragedies that mar her life.

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of edgy romance novels. While the majority of women cling to their romantic hearts and flowers notions of love, I fall deeper and deeper into the work of dark, rough, and forbidden love. Besieged is no exception. This story is tantalizingly good. These characters live in a drama filled world. I knew finding love for these two characters was never going to be easy. I love the fact the Lovell throws in these epic twists and turns just when you think that Lilly and Theo have finally gotten to the comfortable dating level. It’s very refreshing to see a strong female character amongst the dominating males of this story.

I know I’ve said it before but hot damn Christian Grey’s competition keeps upping the ante. Mr. Fifty Shades himself might learn a thing or two from these up and coming Doms. This book should come with a warning label. May cause blushing, increases in temperature, sudden need to send the kids to bed and lock the bedroom door, etc.

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