Sunday, September 14, 2014

Review: Echoes by AM Hudson

Publication Date: 09/14/2014
Series: Dark Secret Series #5
Rating: 5 STARS

Official Blurb:

One death will lead to a new life, another will uncover a secret, and the many will tear out hearts. 

There will be war, there will be peace, and among it all the truth will surface and bury all the secrets forever. 

Continue the epic journey of love’s fight for survival in Part One of Echoes & Silence.

I have never in my life read a book that has brought out so many different emotions in me. Echoes is by far the best book I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. As I sit here and write this review, all the emotions come flooding back to me. This story has honestly shaken me to the core to the point that I haven’t picked up another book since I turned the last page of Echoes. I know some of you may be reading this review to find out spoilers, but you will not find spoilers here. This is too good of a book to spoil for anyone. I want other readers to ride the emotional rollercoaster that I did and feel the pain of heart ache. My heart aches for these characters and their situations and that’s not something I want to take away from anyone else by spoiling it.

Ara’s life has never what you could classify as easy when it comes to the matters of her heart. She loved and lost so many times throughout the 5 books of this wonderful series that I cannot imagine living in her shoes for one second. She’s grown throughout the series from a teenage girl filled with angst and sorrow to a strong, independent young queen. Her decision to live for herself and no one else in the last book carries over beautifully into Echoes. With each page, her strength and resolve radiates. She’s finally become the Ara we all knew was hidden deep down inside of her.

David took a major step into the direction being an asshole in the last book. While I cannot blame him for his reaction to the shocking news, his cruelty to Ara nearly killed me. We’d get glimpses of the man we all fell in love with the first 3 books from time to time, but he remained a shell of his former self. Echoes truly explain David’s behavior. We find out the causes of why he treats Ara so badly. I began this book hating David so much because of his actions. However, I realized as we go on that his reasoning while justified weren’t as dark as they truly seem.

Compared to David, Jason has continued down the road of redemption from his horrendous actions in the first two books. He wants to use his abilities and knowledge to help Ara develop her powers. He knows that Ara’s gifts have something to do with the prophecy. Jason really shines for me in Echoes. His heart belongs to Ara and he’s willing to wait for her to make her decision about David and the future of her relationship with Jason. He’s patient and kind to David’s mistrusting and cruel. These two brothers can never be the same temperament. One is always yin to the others yang. Jason does surprise me a few times with his actions towards Ara. He proves to me that while he has a very dark and twisted past that he knows the difference between doing what’s right for him vs. what’s right for Ara’s future. I love Jason even more than I ever have because of Echoes.

Our other characters such as Mike, Arthur, and Falcon play such pivotal and surprising roles in this novel. Mike really surprises me with his decision. I know deep down he’ll always love Ara, but he knows that she’ll never love him more than a friend. Arthur’s secret rich past brings along some shocking twists when it comes key people of Ara’s life. Falcon also comes with his own set of shocking surprises as well. Without spoiling it for everyone, Ara gets the shock of a lifetime when it comes to her family.

To conclude my review, I can only simply say that I have never before in all my 28 years read a novel that has affected me this much. I’ve had book hangovers before, but this feels like I could never pick up another book again until I have finished Ara’s story in completion. There’s nothing else I could ever compare in greatness and emotions as Echoes. AM Hudson has stolen my heart and hidden it away until I know what Ara’s life will be like in the end. 

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