Monday, September 22, 2014

Review: Bitten by Vengeance by Shawntelle Madison

Publication Date: 9/7/2014
Series: Hadley Werewolves #3
Rating: 3.5 Stars

Official Blurb:

Bitten By Vengeance is the climactic finale to the Hadley Werewolves series.

Cursed witch Nevena wants nothing more than to destroy the dark evil that has escaped her coven’s compound. She’s outgunned and on her own–until a band of werewolves from Hadley join in the fight.

Drew is a cop bent on protecting his pack. Hadley has been attacked again, leaving him bitter and determined to do what’s right. He will help the witches bring down what drove them to Hadley, but he refuses to get close to them…Until the curse on Nevena sucks him in.

Drew discovers what its like to love when Nevena traps both his heart and his soul. But he may lose them both in order to bring down the dark evil determined to destroy everything in its path.

Being the end of the series, you never quite know as a reader whether the author will tie up all the lose ends in a pretty little bow, or leave you with remaining questions. Bitten by Vengeance you could say falls into the middle of the road when it comes to series finale. The story arc is resolved for the book itself, as well as leaving you with a little bit to the imagination of what’s to come in the future for some of the other characters. It is one of the things that I enjoyed most about this novel.

The story itself revolves around another set of characters. This time a very special kind of witch, Nevena, and another Hadley werewolf, Drew are the main characters.  Pandora’s Box has been opened and in order to save not only the Hadley wolves but the supernatural world, our bevy of characters need to band together and fight the oncoming evil head on. Nevena has a personal mission to bring down the blood witches one and for all as well as deal with her demon itself. Her blood can kill and its up to her to use her gift to save the world. But, having cursed blood has its disadvantages especially if a sexy werewolf is dying to make her his mate.

While almost a romance novel with a side of supernatural, the Hadley werewolves’ series as a whole is quite enjoyable. You are thrown into different relationship and romances within each book. Yet, he book provides a crucial piece to the overarching back-story that bands them all together in the last book. These are written in almost novella like length, but they pack enough of a punch to get you hooked into the story. I’d recommend these books if you are looking for a change of pace, or a quick read series that you will enjoy between book releases!

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