Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review: Against The Dawn by Amanda Bonilla

Publication Date: 5/20/2014
Series: Shaede Assassin #4
Rating: 5 Stars

Official Blurb:
Six months can feel like just a couple of weeks when you’ve been away in another realm. Literally.

Now that Darian is back in Seattle, she’s ready to face the life—and the man—she left behind. But it’s not going to be easy when a ghost from her past shows up looking to wreak havoc on Seattle’s supernatural crime scene.

Darian isn’t as careless as she used to be, though. She and Tyler, her sexy Jinn protector, have come a long way in the trust department. And it’s a good thing too—because when Ty contracts her to assassinate a wickedly powerful supernatural who goes by the name of Mithras, it will take all her faith in Ty, and herself, to get the job done.

While Darian does whatever it takes to get to her mark, Xander, the Shaede King is busy making plans of his own. With Darian’s attention divided between Lorik’s secrets and her mission she might not be able to stop Xander from doing anything in his power to separate Darian from her sworn protector and in the process, destroy his own kingdom…

This series is yet again another one that has been on my reading list radar for years. I’m damn near kicking myself for not starting this marvelous series sooner. I fell in love with Darian from the very first chapter. She is a no nonsense kind of assassin. She’s there to get a job done, not to make friends and long lasting relationships. As the series continues, Darian’s life becomes more and more complicated. She’s not your ordinary Shaede assassin and she’s managed to attract the attentions of the Shaede King while she’s in a somewhat rocky and distrustful relationship with her Jinn protector, Tyler. Being with Tyler is anything, but easy. His mood swings at times would make Christian Grey look like a cute little pussy cat. All this personal drama has started to seep into her professional career, and she’s become careless. Carelessness in the assassin business means only one thing… a quick trip to becoming 6 feet under.

Against the Dawn brings us back into Darian’s dark and dangerous world after she takes a mental and physical health break in another realm. Her two weeks away in the other realm is equal to 6 months in her world. While her friends and lovers have had a chance to come to terms with the actions in the family book, Darian has only had two weeks to heal her broken spirit and soul. She finds that things have become much more dire in the Shaede King’s obsession with her as well as her relationship with Tyler has been reigned in by the Jinn leaders. Her spirit is still broken and she must fight her inner demons every day to return to her previous fighting form. The dark world around her doesn’t wait for anyone and plunges her back into the fight head first.

I’m not exactly sure how to even put into words about the cliff hanger ending. It was somewhat unexpected. These men in her life are going to have band together much against their own will to track her down. The last chapter of the book will literally leave you hanging. You’ll be unsure of what’s to come with these now beloved characters and how Bonilla is steering the story. Speaking of the author, Amanda Bonilla, I honestly want to sit down with her and ask “How in the hell did you come up with this kind of world?” I know I’ve said it before, but damn, how do authors come up with these series and backgrounds. I’ve read a plethora of supernatural assassin stories in my lifetime, but Bonilla has taken such a different trek to her series that I’m dumbfounded with how original it is. Yet another book series I’m adding to my increasing to continue reading pile, and I suggest you lovely people pick this book series up as well!

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