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An ambitious entertainment reporter, millionaire basketball player, desperate wife, scandalous groupie, and murderous stalker. Games Divas Play takes you inside the high-stakes world of professional sports, where everyone plays to win.

When Nia Bullock lands a job as editor-in-chief of the hot new magazine and web site DivaDish, she finds that her platinum dreams can quickly turn into a nightmare. Battling backstabbing colleagues and reeling from murderous threats, she must turn to an ex-boyfriend for help.

Vanessa King, the first lady of the NBA, is looking for a fresh start with her husband, Marcus, the new star point guard for the New York Gladiators who’s as popular with the ladies as he is with hoops fans. Since marrying her college sweetheart, Vanessa has learned to deal with life with a professional athlete—the groupies, the paparazzi, and the unchecked ego of a man the sports world puts on a pedestal.

When Laila James, self-proclaimed “Golden Goddess,” sets her sights on Marcus and shops a reality show based on their affair—and then a dangerous stalker threatens his family—Vanessa turns to her best friend Nia to save her marriage and her life.

In the first book in the Diva Mystery Series, three women engage in a ruthless battle for love and the limelight, and soon learn what it really takes to stay on top.

Games Divas Play follows the story of NBA star Marcus King and the women in his life. His wife Vanessa has everything she could ever want with the exception of a faithful husband. Marcus, like most NBA stars, cannot seem to keep it in his pants while traveling for his games. After multiple affairs, Marcus has promises Vanessa to never stray again after a particular scandalous affair in Arizona. But, we all know how the old saying goes, once a cheater, always and a cheater. Marcus meets Laila during one of his trips. Unlike his past secret affairs, he publically flaunts the relationship. Unbeknownst to Marcus, the beautiful Laila has an ulterior motive: End the King Marriage. She knows how to play dirty and how to show her cards at the right time when she brings the evidence to the tabloids herself. She will go so far as to embarrass herself with incriminating and steamy photos to get the job done. Vanessa isn’t going to let a two bit hussy end her marriage. Both women will fight for what they want. Vanessa will fight to save her marriage while Laila drags their marriage into the mud and onto reality TV. All the while, Vanessa’s friend Nia, a reporter, begins to work at DivaDish Magazine, which just so happens to be the tabloid that is exploiting her friends situation. Nia also gets herself wrapped up in a murder investigation to boot.

This novel is far out of my usual genre of paranormal romance. I do have to admit I was taking a chance on signing up for the blog tour. I am happy to say that I really enjoyed this book. I was really surprised in fact with how much I did like it. It perfectly balanced all the themes of the story. The romantic drama and suspenseful mystery aspects were laid out very well to keep the readers attention. The characters were well thought out and relatable. As a major sports fan girl, it was almost as if this story came out of the headlines of an ESPN story. The sex was hot and the betrayal had a bite to it. If I had to step out of my normal genre and into a new novel, Games Diva Play was the perfect choice. It’s an entertaining and spellbindingly written masterpiece!

About Angela Burt-Murray

Angela Burt-Murray is the cofounder and editorial director of Cocoa Media Group, cohost of the talk show Exhale, and coauthor of two previous books, The Vow and The Angry Black Woman’s Guide to Life. She was formerly the editor-in-chief of Essence magazine, where she was the recipient of numerous honors. Her work is regularly featured in such publications as Ebony, Parenting, and Heart & Soul. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and two sons.

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  1. I'm glad that you took a risk and ended up really loving this one. Thanks for being a part of the tour!


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