Full Cover Reveal and First Two Chapters of The Witch With No Name by Kim Harrison


As much as I was excited about “The Witch With No Name” being released in September, today’s full cover reveal and chapters had me anxiously counting down until 12:00PM EST when the reveal took  place. I fell in love with this series in 2012 while recovering from spinal surgery. It pains me to think that after this book is released my love affair with all things Rachel and Trent will end. I hope that I as well as many other readers of this series will get the HEA we all think Rachel and Trent deserve.

Cover Reveal and Chapter Reaction:

In true Kim Harrison fashion, the cover for the WWNN resembles a Clint Eastwood Film Poster.  For those of you who don’t know, The Hollows series book titles are all references to Client Eastwood Movies. The man standing in the background has been confirmed to me Trent, yet, it makes me wonder. Are Trent and Rachel in a standoff or is Trent waiting on her. Guess that question will remain unanswered until September.


I…LOVED… the first two chapters. This book seems to hit the ground running with action and suspense. The cliffhanger on Ivy’s survival at the end of Chapter two had me stunned. I can’t fathom the killing off of such an important character to the story so soon so I have to deep down hope that Bis can find them and transport them to Trent’s medical suite. I would have liked to see Trent make an appearance in the first couple of chapters, but I’m assuming he’ll make his grand entrance in Chapter 3, which will be released in May. The first two chapters give us Hollows fans just a little taste of whats to come. I have a feeling this book will be jammed pack with action, love, and sacrifice. Let the countdown begin....


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