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After starting and finishing the current books in Darynda Jones’ Charley Davidson series this week, I have been thinking a lot about my favorite book quotes. In Jones’ series, each Chapter begins with a phrase or saying of some kind. Over the years of reading paranormal romance books, there are quotes from books that still come to mind in every day life. I have compiled a list of my favorites. Feel free to add yours in the comments!!!

“How would you like your eggs?" I tried. I really did. But I glanced at his crotch and it came out anyway. "Fertilized?” ― Darynda JonesFifth Grave Past the Light

“I was just passing by. Saw the commotion. Figured you were involved.” ― Darynda JonesFifth Grave Past the Light

“Merit: “I am yours until you ban bacon, or otherwise as long as I can put up with you.” ― Chloe NeillBiting Cold

 “Give me something to go on, here. What kind of black magic are we talking? Elphaba,Wicked Witch of the West-type stuff or Slytherin-type stuff?” ― Chloe NeillHard Bitten

 “Death waits for no vampire. – Ethan Sullivan.  I like Bacon  - Merit” ― Chloe Neill, House Rules

“My eyes shifted to the charred, smoking remains of the Caste vampire who'd taken the right bullet. And fate whispered in my ear, "Who's the bitch now?” ― Jaye Wells Sabina Kane Series

“A smart woman would have shut up. Did I? Hell no. Intelligence is overrated anyway.” ― Rachel VincentStray

“I’m pretty certain my worthless heart shatters inside my chest, and she steals one of the pieces. If it didn’t already belong to someone else I probably would have handed her all the pieces right then and there.” ― Jessica SorensenBreaking Nova

“I'm giving you everything I have, Triss. I want to be yours, and I want you to be mine. No matter what storms lay ahead of us, I know that as one we can make it. I'm not perfect by anyone's standards but you make me want to strive to be the best person I can be." - Logan” ― Karice BoltonLonely Souls

“Leaving us with Eric is like hiring a babysitter who spends his time sharpening knives.” ― Veronica RothDivergent

“District 12: Where you can starve to death in safety.” ― Suzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games

“Because I’m never going to let you go, Rachel. I don’t care how much you push me away because you’re scared. I’ll just hold you until you get over it.” ― Kim HarrisonThe Undead Pool

“I sat on the bed. Neither of us said anything. I wasn't slick and sophisticated enough for this. What do you say to boyfriend A when he finds you naked in the bed of boyfriend B? Especially if boyfriend A turned into a monster the night before and ate someone. I bet Miss Manners didn't cover this at all.” ― Laurell K. HamiltonThe Killing Dance

“You're just jealous."
"Hardly. Been there, done you. Adequate, but unremarkable.” ― Jennifer EstepSpider's Bite

“I glanced at my brother. "How the hell did you jump to that conclusion?!" I asked. He just grinned and tapped the side of his head. "Brains, dear girl, brains."I snorted softly."I wasn't aware that was where you kept your brains.” ― Keri Arthur

“You forget, darling. I am the local psychopath.” ― Kelley ArmstrongBitten

“Speaking of death, LeBlanc boasted he could kill me in the waiting room. I broke his wrist. He wasn't impressed.” ― Kelley ArmstrongBitten

“You said you were going for a walk!? What kind of walk takes six hours?""A long one?” ― Cassandra ClareCity of Glass

“Jesus!" Exclaimed Luke "No it's just me, but I've been told the resemblance is startling,” ― Cassandra Clare

“What the hell was that?” I gasped. “Premature inflammation,” he replied. “Happens sometimes. Very embarrassing. I don’t like to talk about it.” ― Jeaniene FrostThis Side of the Grave


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